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    Poodle: the history of the breed and features

    One of the most beautiful dog breeds is the poodle. Spectacular, playful, kind, peaceful, cute — the list of their qualities can be listed for a long time. France is considered their homeland, which causes numerous disputes. Some agree with the approved information, while others say that this breed was bred in countries such as Germany, England or Belgium.

    The breed of poodles has existed since ancient times. At first, poodles were used as assistants in hunting birds in the water. It is believed that the basis for breeding the poodle breed is the Spanish water dog. These dogs jumped into the water and scared away all the fish, and sometimes even dragged dead prey to dry land. Thanks to their courage and sharp mind, poodles were also used in the war — in the famous battles of Napoleon [url=https://www.poodlespring.com/poodle-puppies-for-sale-near-me/]teacup poodle for sale[/url]

    In peacetime, the poodle was an excellent decoration for royal possessions, beautiful ladies could often be seen with them.

    The poodle’s coat is very soft, does not shed. There is a kind of breed of poodles — cord. The fur of such dogs is twisted into cords that can hang down to the ground. The presence of a beautiful and soft coat allows such dogs to do various haircuts and styling. The profession of hairdressers for dogs has long been very popular, now such specialists are called groomers.

    The breed of poodles is divided into such types as: toy, dwarf, small and royal — they all differ in size. The royal species is a naturally bred breed of poodles, the other species were created by crossing short dogs.

    Despite the toy appearance, the poodle is a versatile dog. It can be taught teams, games, and other canine skills. Also very often such dogs are brought by hunters as assistants in the hunt for waterfowl.

    Currently, the poodle is a decorative dog. They are very often kept at home. Such a breed has a lively temperament and a sharp mind. In the apartment where the poodle lives, there is no fur in the corners and the smell of a dog. Therefore, such dogs need special care. To ensure a presentable appearance of the pet, it is necessary to comb its fur at least once every 3 days, wash it once a month or more often as it gets dirty . In addition, the poodle needs to be cut, because their hair, like human hair, can grow very long. If you are performing at presentations with your dog, you need to use the services of professional groomers, and if the poodle is mostly at home, then you can do with a simple haircut for a typewriter. You can cut your dog yourself or ask for help from groomers. But in the case of self-haircut, you need to be extremely careful, because there is a high probability of spoiling the dog’s haircut or even damaging the pet with scissors The best solution would be not to experiment, but to seek help from professional grooming specialists.

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